It’s day 1 of my last (ever) 2 week long holiday. I initially planned to go to Korea but due to many reasons, I wasn’t able to. I was initially extremely upset about having to stay here and was really torn up about trying to find meaningful things to do to spend my last holiday (ever) well. I decided that since i can’t go anywhere, I shall focus on self enrichment – basically doing the things that i’ve always wanted to do but never got around to doing.

Here’s a list of things i’ve got so far

  1. Read my book list of 10 books
  2. Learn Coding
  3. Learn Korean
  4. Learn Calligraphy
  5. Finally get down to tidying my room for M5
  6. Learn how to edit photos
  7. Blog about my time in HK
  8. Finish my Hk vlog

haha i’m not sure if i can do most of it during the 15 days but i’ll try my best to!

As you can see, one of the things I decided to do during the 15 day break was to learn Korean. i’ve always wanted to learn a new language, and I’ve always loved korean – it just sounds so good in Korean dramas heh :/ I’ll share a little bit about my foray into Korean language learning!

I started my learning with talktomeinkorean.com (TTMIK) because they have a good structured curriculum, and best of all, it’s free! They have some workbooks and textbooks as well as ebooks to supplement their lessons, but as far as i know, i think the content on the website is very good in itself. Of course, when I find myself being unable to understand certain concepts, I would have to google it.

The website has been great so far, and I managed to download a compiled PDF of all their lessons (which are provided free for download as well, just that you have to download everything individually), and i’ve been using that as my basis for learning. I really love how they introduce the concepts and explain the grammar and verb conjugation rules so well. I think that grammar is something that is rather overlooked in learning pure conversational korean, and they cover it well.

One gripe I have about the website is that the podcasts are rather lengthy because theres a lot of banter in between. However, I must say that sometimes its quite enjoyable to listen to their banter because Hyunwoo is forever teasing the other teacher (basically a cockster). One way to do it would be to study from the PDF first and then if you have any problems with things you don’t really understand, listen to the podcast and fast forward it to the parts that you need help with – the flow of the PDF and the podcast is largely similar.

I also found that they have some good tips in the podcast, like explaining why koreans pronounce M as B sometimes. These tips are not in the PDF and are buried amidst all the banter.

I managed to get to Lesson 20 today.

overall, a good start to the first day, 14 more days of self-enrichment to go!



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